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president Nagai

I became president of Japan Automobile Research Institute (JARI) on October 1, 2013. Upon assuming this office, it is my pleasure to extend this message of welcome to our website visitors.

JARI's mission is to contribute to the sound development of today's motorized society.  Over the years we have conducted wide-ranging public-interest activities from a neutral standpoint to contribute to the advancement of Japan's automotive industry and the development of advanced automotive technologies.

Along with the diversification of the role played by vehicles in recent years, automotive technologies have continued to become more sophisticated and intelligent. Amid this ongoing diversification of the role of vehicles, we have applied JARI’s strengths as a neutral research institute to push ahead with research and testing activities pertaining to the “connectivity between vehicles and society.” This is an area which industry, government and academia are unable to address individually.

At JARI, our three major fields of research are “the environment and energy,” “safety,” and the “application of information technology (IT) and electronics.” We are engaged in cutting-edge research that anticipates societal needs five to ten years into the future. Through this research, we are contributing to the formation of a sustainable, safe and secure motorized society.

We will continue to disseminate widely the results of our research and intend to devote our utmost efforts to activities that fulfill society’s expectations. I hope that we can count on your continued support and cooperation even more in the coming years.

Masao Nagai