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IT & Electronics

Toward a smart and enriched motorized society

JARI works closely with industry, government and academia in advancing research and development efforts for Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and associated standardization activities, with the aim of creating a highly sophisticated motorized society for the 21st century. These systems incorporate information technology (IT) and advanced electronics technologies that contribute to safe, secure, environmentally friendly, comfortable and convenient personal mobility by vehicles.



JARI presents proposals for implementing the fundamental infrastructure of a sustainable motorized society in line with our proposed vision of and roadmap to future personal mobility by vehicles. Our aim is to build a smart and enriched motorized society by resolving various issues related to the global environment, traffic safety and other concerns, in order to keep pace with the profound changes in the social environment and rapid advances toward a networked world.


Collaboration by industry, government and academia is needed to research and develop new systems required for the future, such as autonomous driving technologies, new traffic systems, vehicle information systems and communication technologies, among others. The social acceptability of such systems must be verified and established through real-world field trials and demonstrations. Toward that end, JARI actively undertakes activities that contribute widely to industry as part of our mission to provide venues for promoting cooperative research programs involving people in various related fields.


Automotive electrical and electronic (E/E) systems, meanwhile, are continuing to evolve rapidly, and their importance and reliability requirements are constantly rising, as typified by advanced driver assistance systems that are expected to lead to autonomous driving in the future. JARI has launched a cooperative research project concerning the operation of the ISO 26262 international standard pertaining to the functional safety of such automotive systems and is contributing extensively to industry in this area under a new vision of these systems formulated on the basis of this activity.


Along with the progress being made toward the implementation of ITS, a wide variety of information services are being deployed for promoting greater safety, environmental friendliness and convenience. JARI is working on research issues related to the communication systems and in-vehicle devices that provide the platforms facilitating these services. To help promote the ongoing research and development work, JARI continues to support the related international standardization activities along with conducting wide-ranging research studies and tests.

Principal research field

1.Autonomous driving

2.Functional safety(ISO 26262)

3.Surveys of ITS trends and standardization activities