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Quick chargers

The Shirosato Test Center has two quick chargers to serve clients testing their electric vehicles. One charger is installed at the share area between the low-friction course and the overall test course, and the other at the filling station near the high-speed oval track.

 To use a quick charger, the client needs to indicate his plan when reserving test courses and receive a key at the administration office on the day of testing. In case more than two clients seek the same test hours, the schedules may be rearranged to avoid overlapping.

 For regular (non-quick) charging, 200V plug sockets are available at the share area dome tent, the maintenance shops at the administration area, and the maintenance yards of the circular, overall, multi-purpose and low-friction test courses.

 The client wishing to use a plug socket needs to indicate his plan at the time of reserving test courses and should receive an adaptor at the administration office on the day of testing.


Manufacturer  Nissan Model  NSQC442B (standard)
Input power  49kW
Input voltage  3-phase 200V
Output current  DC 0~125A
Output voltage  DC 50 ~500V
Connector standard  JEVS G 105-1993 (compliant)

Charge setting

Setting the charging rate  Standard: 80% (30-minute charging time)
 Selectable in units of 5% in the 50~100% range
Setting the charging time  Standard: 15 minutes
 Selectable between 5 and 200 minutes
No setting  Automatic switch-off at charging completion

* For priority charging, we recommend you to set either a charging rate or a charging time (not possible to set both).

Charging fee

Half day  JPY 1,000 tax (morning or afternoon period)
Full day  JPY 2,000 tax (morning and afternoon periods)

* The client needs to write in a rental form to get a charger key. The charging fee will be included in the total bill.