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JARI Research Journal (2012~)安全/Safety

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JRJ20150202 研究速報

Road Safety Education for Higher-Grade Children of Primary School -Effects of Peer Discussions and Role-Playing Exercises on Children’s Attitudes and Behavior-

Akira Ohtani,Hiroshi Hashimoto,Kazumi Okada,Takashi Kobyashi,Reiko Okano

This article describes the effects of peer discussion and role-playing exercises on self-estimation for risk involvement and crossing behavior on actual roads for higher-grade children of primary school. Higher-grade children discussed children’s road accident situations and ways of communicating with lower-grade children. In role-playing exercises, higher-grade children acted as teachers and actually trained lower-grade children in road-crossing skills. Results of a questionnaire indicated that after peer discussion and role-playing exercises, higher-grade children recognized that they might be involved in road accidents. Observations indicated that higher-grade students tended to cross actual roads more carefully after peer discussion and role-playing exercises. It is necessary to develop a practical scheme for higher-grade children to receive repeated education based on peer discussion and role-playing exercise.

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JARI Research Journal (2012~)

資料名 / Title

JRJ20150202 研究速報

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