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JARI Research Journal (2012~)安全/Safety

資料名 / Title

JRJ20150201 研究速報

Road Safety Education for Lower-Grade Children of Primary School -Children's Crossing Behavior after Japanese Common Training-

Akira Ohtani,Hiroshi Hashimoto,Kazumi Okada,Takashi Kobayashi,Reiko Okano

In Japan, many children in the lower grade of primary school join in a road-crossing skills training program at school. This study describes differences in crossing behavior of lower-grade children before and after completing the Japanese common training. Children’s crossing behavior in a school gymnasium was observed before and after completion of the common training. The results of observation indicated that children tended to look all around for traffic frequently but not carefully even after they had undergone the common training. It was necessary to develop new training programs for solving this problem.

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JARI Research Journal (2012~)

資料名 / Title

JRJ20150201 研究速報

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