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JARI Research Journal (2012~)安全/Safety

資料名 / Title

JRJ20181003 研究速報

Effects of steering control function on driver behavior while turning at an intersection

So Saito,Nobuyuki Uchida,Shunsuke Tsukuda,Masao Nagai

A right turn accident at an intersection is caused by the driver overlooking a critical pedestrian. We investigated whether safety confirmation behavior for pedestrians will increase by performing steering assisted operations. In our experiment, we analyzed drivers’ gaze behaviors to confirm their safety confirmation behavior, without steering control and with steering control, in a right turn. In the experiment, the JARI-ARV, which can reproduce traffic participants such as pedestrians and oncoming vehicles by computer graphics (CG) was used. The JARI-ARV was equipped with a steering actuator, and steering control logic was also constructed.

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JARI Research Journal (2012~)

資料名 / Title

JRJ20181003 研究速報

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JARIについて 環境・エネルギー 安全 自動運転・IT・エレクトロニクス
委託研究・試験・設備 城里テストセンター 自動運転評価拠点「Jtown」 国際活動
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