• 縮小
  • 拡大




Western course Eastern course
Lane width 1lane : 2.75 ~ 3.5m
Straight road 400m, north-south
  (incl. 300m 4-lane segment)
300m, north-south
  (incl. 250m 4-lane segment)
Intersection With signals: 4 lanes x 4 lanes
         4 lanes x 2 lanes
Without signals: (4 lanes x 2 lanes) x 2
With signals: 4 lanes x 4 lanes
Without signals: 4 lanes x 2 lanes
Circular track One lap: 1.8 km, with uphill segment
Other roads U-turn road (one each, north-south) U-turn road (one each, north-south)
Square (100m x 100m)
Blind curve
Additional equipment Traffic signals (LED)
Sight-blocking walls: blinding cubes, etc. (movable)
Curbstone blocks (movable)
Waiting room (measurement room), tent

Points of attention

 The following restrictions exist for the use of JARI’s mock city roads, and your inquiry is welcomed:

  • Allowable vehicle size: Up to 8t gross vehicle mass (unloaded GVM for large vehicles). Up to 3t GVM for the square.
  • Running speed: Up to 40 km/h in principle (up to 80 km/h after consultation and permission)
  • Running method: Rapid braking and rapid steering wheel operation (i.e. operations leaving tire marks) are prohibited.
  • Picture taking: Clients wishing to take pictures should get a permit from us in advance, and the cameraman should wear an armband. Camera positions over 3m high are prohibited.