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The 1st AAI Summit

The 1st Asia Automobile Institute Summit (AAI Summit) was held

The 1st AAI Summit was held by JARI and four automobile institute from Asia at the Shiba-Park Hotel on November 26 and 27, 2012.

Fifteen participants from India/Indonesia/Malaysia/Thailand and twenty one from JARI attended. The purpose of the Summit was “Contribution to the sound progress of the prevalence of automotive societies in Asian countries” and “Driving the mutual understanding among the institutes”. Introductions to each institute and current activities were presented. JARI also presented management issues such as researchers exchange and facilities application, and technical issues such as Eco-drive/EV/Functional Safety (ISO 26262)/Passive & Active Safety issues. In addition, India made a presentation on EV related issues and Malaysia presented their activities on assessment of passive safety (ASEAN NCAP: New Car Assessment Program).

Through the discussion, mutual understanding was deepened. Concerning some specific issues, it was agreed that each country will provide a contact person and start discussion about concrete approaches. All attendees agreed on the official name of the meeting as “Asia Automobile Institute (AAI) Summit” and also agreed that the meeting will be held every year in a particular country based on a ‘hand down’ rule. It was confirmed that the next meeting will be held in Indonesia and the number of the participant countries will be increased.

AAI summit
All attendees

AAI summit
Plenary Session

AAI summit
Management Session B

Summary and Materials

  1. 1st. Asia Automobile Institute Summit Agenda ( pdf 16 KB )
  2. 1st. Asia Automobile Institute Summit Attendees’ List ( pdf 20 KB )
  3. Meeting Summary ( pdf 42 KB )

Presentation Materials

1. Plenary Session 1

1) Institute Introduction
a. Introduction of JARI Dr. T. Ishiyama JARI( pdf 2.1 MB )
b. E-mobility - Indian Roadmap Perspective Mr. D.J. Kulkarni ARAI( pdf 2.1 MB )
c. Toward The Development of Indonesia Automotive Research Institute Dr.A.Purwadi INARD( pdf 2.5 MB )
d. Introduction of MIROS Mr. Z. M. Jawi MIROS( pdf 259 KB )
e. Introduction of Thailand Automotive Institute Ms. R. Nitipathanapirak TAI( pdf 623 KB )

2. Management Session

1) Common Part
On the Road to Sustainable Mobility in Asia Dr. T. Seko JARI( pdf 771 KB )
2) Session A
Researchers Exchange Dr. T. Ishiyama JARI( pdf 118 KB )
3) Session B
Introduction to JARI''s Test and Research Facilities Mr. T. Nakatani JARI( pdf 6.7 MB )

3. Technical Session

1) Session A
a. Eco-driving - Introduction of the Japanese activities and a plan of demonstration experiment in China - Mr.A. Funazaki JARI( pdf 2.9 MB )
b. The Prospect of International Standardization for Electric Vehicles Dr. H. Tomioka JARI( pdf 3.3 MB )
c. Indian Homologation Requirements Mr. A. B. Komawar ARAI( pdf 1.2 MB )
2) Session B
a. Functional Safety (ISO26262) activities in Japan; R. Osuga /JARI( pdf 1.4 MB )
b. JARI Research Activities for Traffic Safety Dr. M. Sakurai JARI( pdf 9.3 MB )
c. Recent Development Mr. M.H.A. Isa MIROS( pdf 1.1 MB )

4. Plenary Session 2

1) Management & TechnicalSession Summary
Session Summaries( pdf 222 KB )
2) Summit Summary
AAI Summit Summary Mr. S. Handa JARI( pdf 40 KB )