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The 2nd AAI Summit

The 2nd Asia Automobile Institute Summit (AAI Summit) was held

 The second AAI Summit was held on November 25th and 26th, 2013 in Bali, Indonesia. Seven countries, eight institutes, and a total of 35 people participated in the summit, including institute presidents and vice-presidents. India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan and Thailand joined the 1st AAI Summit and again in the second. China and Vietnam were new participants for the 2nd AAI Summit. Here are the participant institutes:

   China:China Automotive Technology & Research Center (CATARC)
        China Automotive Engineering Research Institute Co., Ltd. (CAERI)
   India:The Automotive Research Association of India
   Indonesia:Indonesian Automotive Research and Development Institute(INARD)
   Japan:Japan Automobile Research Institute (JARI)
   Malaysia:Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS)
   Thailand:Thailand Automotive Institute (TAI)
   Vietnam:Viet Nam Register (VR)

 The AAI Summit aims to contribute to the establishment of a healthy automobile society in Asia and mutual understanding among the institutes. The 2nd AAI Summit included an institutional development session and 4 sessions (Researchers Exchange, Emission, Safety and EV) based on requests from the 1st AAI Summit. Experts exchanged opinions on specific projects.
 The summit resulted in understanding the actual situation of the institutes and finding diversity among the countries due to their different backgrounds. The proposal of feasible and reasonable measures according to each country’s differing situations was encouraged. The participants agreed that data establishment/accumulation and improvement of research level were very important. The participants achieved consensus, especially on continuous efforts for reduction of energy consumption, traffic accidents and a better air quality due to motorization. Thailand will be a candidate to host the next AAI Summit.

Participants of the 2nd AAI Summit

Striking a gong to start the 2nd AAI Summit by Indonesia secretariat

Summit pictures


  1. Agenda 
  2. List of registration 
  3. Summaries of each session
    【Summary】1. Researchers Exchange 
    【Summary】2. Emission
    【Summary】3. Safety 
    【Summary】4. EV 


Institutional development session

  1. Toward the Establishment of the Indonesian Automotive Research and Development Institute, Indrawanto / MOLINA 
  2. Your Partner in Development, N.V. Marathe / ARAI 
  3. Introduction of JARI, Mitsuo Yonezawa / JARI 
  4. New Car Assessment Program for the South East Asia Region, Khairudin Rahman / MIROS
  5. About TAI, Chureerut Suwanvithaya / TAI 
  6. China Automotive Technology & Research Center, Jianwei Zhang / CATARC 
  7. Introduction of CAERI, Ren Xiaochang / CAERI
  8. Viet Nam Motor Vehicle Testing Center (VMTC) under the Viet Nam Register, Hai Viet Ho, Pham Minh Thanh / VR 2
  9. Measures of the Ministry of Environment (MOE) in Indonesia, Muhammad Zakaria / MOE 
Researchers’ Exchange
  1. Researchers Exchange, Mitsuo Yonazawa / JARI 
  2. Researcher Exchange Program, Eka Firmansyah / INARD 
  3. Research Exchange, Chureerut Suwanvithaya / TAI 

Technical session #1

1) Emission
  1. Overview of Vehicle Emission Measurements, Akiyoshi Ito, Keiko Hirota / JARI 
  2. Overview of NGV in China & Research Status of CAERI, Zou Bowen / CAERI 
  3. Emission Factors for Indian in-Use Vehicles, Amita Baikerikar / ARAI
  4. Energy and Environment in Thailand, Utai Unagul / TAI 
2) Safety
  1. For Realization of Traffic Safety -What Should We Do First?, Osamu Takatori / JARI
  2. New Crash Test Facility in CAERI, Xu Wei / CAERI
  3. Vehicle Safety in Thailand, Atthawit Teechawiboonwong / TAI 
  4. Two Wheeler Safety in India, N.V. Marathe / ARAI
  5. Child Safety Research in Malaysia, Noor Paiman / MIROS 

Technical session #2

3) EV
  1. Prospect for the International Standardization of EV Related Items, Hidenori Tomioka / JARI 
  2. EV: Policies & Implementation Status in India, Shrikant R. Marathe / ARAI 
  3. EV Current Status in Thailand, Yossapong Laoonual / TAI 
  4. China Automotive Engineering Research Institute Electric Vehicle R&D Progress, Gan Haiyun / CAERI 
  5. Modelling and Analysis of Electric Vehicle DC Fast Charging Infrastructure, Agus Purwadi, Nadhilah Shani, Nana Heryana / MOLINA
    Tri Hardimasyar, M. Firmansyah, Arrester Ch SR / Centre of Research and Development PT. PLN (Persero)