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Implementation of"Traffic environment data acquisition/study with dashboard camera"

Implementation of “Traffic environment data acquisition /study with dashboard camera” With a part of Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA) aimed at reducing traffic accidents, Japan Automobile Research Institute (JARI) will be conducted to understand the traffic situation in Thailand. Data collection in Thailand will be carried out by Nexty Electronics co. ltd. on behalf of JARI.

Study Objective/Details

The purpose of this study is to promote vehicle safety measures as well as accident reduction. It will be conducted with the use of vehicles equipped with cameras (one taxi and one instrumented vehicle exclusively for measurements) are set to run in the suburbs of Bangkok to acquire video data to grasp the relative behavior between the instrumented vehicles and the motorcycle data collected on the camera images (the motorcycles’ relative speed, inter-vehicle distance, etc.).


November 9, 2020 ~ December 21, 2020


Bangkok suburbs as well as highways and local roads within a 200 km radius from Bangkok

Study Item

The traffic environment of Bangkok suburbs and within a 200 km radius from Bangkok (surrounding traffic environment is filmed by the camera mounted on the instrumented vehicle)

Use of Data and Information

The instrumented vehicle's driving path and speed, along with the camera footage, are to extract information conveying the motorcycle's driving path and speed.

Handling of Personal Data

Collected traffic data and personal data (license plates and traffic participants faces, amongst others) belong to JAMA. JAMA, JARI and Nexty Electronics have a strong policy towards the protection and management of each personal information. Personal information obtained in this study will solely be used for the purposes within the scope as listed above.

Presentation method of Publication

In the case of any collected footage being made public, images would be anonymized prior to publication.

Contact details

For inquiries regarding the study, please send them to the address listed below
Japan Automobile Research Institute Safety Research Division


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